Monday Scotstoun Run session 2 Mon 10th May 2021

Road based run sessions, open to all, which will be a reintroduction to group training, with a social focus. As we are required to keep the training
groups separate, from drop-off to collection, parents are encouraged to find out what group their children's friends will run in and then sign them up
accordingly.  Please ensure that appropriate cold and wet weather hi-viz kit is worn, as we cannot supply hi-viz vests at present, due to covid
restrictions.  Your coaches would appreciate it if  a parent helper could join the sessions - please contact the coaches or discuss with Billy if you
would like to volunteer.

Coached by  Eilidh Love          Mostly for older athletes

Athletes and parents will be expected to comply with current Covid-19 guidelines and should be familiar with the club’s own published Covid-19 guideline.



  • Coaches assigned:0/1
  • Start Time: 18:30 (1hr)
  • Places: 9 of16 remaining
  • Price: £2.00 | £0.00
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